hey. I’M JOE.

I was on an episode of Unsolved Mysteries.
I used to write about Pilates. Then rugby. Then music.
I taught myself to ride a bike and I’m not bitter about it at all, dad.

Contact: bianco.ja2@gmail.com // 516.455.0885

Recognition: 2018 Silver Clio, Webby, Shorty, Addys, ADCP Louix Awards, Big Ad Gig, +
Clients: Mtn Dew, Virgin Group, BNY Mellon, JetBlue, Ferrero, PepsiCo, Lime-A-Rita, +
Experience: Freelance ACD // Senior Copywriter, 1 Trick Pony, CP+B Boulder, The Concept Farm
Education: School of Visual Arts - Copywriting, University of Scranton - English, Communications

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Oh. I bet you stay after the movie for extra cut scenes, too. Well, I’m a freelance ACD Copywriter in New York. You’ve probably seen my face floating around some shared Google doc. Or the real one floating around an IMC pastry plate. Point is, you’ve seen me. I’ve lost all element of surprise and compromised the mission. But screw my orders. I just like to be around people who like to be around other people who like to make stuff. So let’s do that instead. Cool? Cool.